‘Sexy Summer Camp’ Teaches Kids About Prostitution, Sex on Drugs, and ‘Hands On’ Instruction in Masturbation

While Florida is looking to fight back against the overt sexualization of children via obscene instruction in schools, the left is going bonkers. And as they begin to realize they’re losing the fight in schools, they’re moving outside the schools to continue their mission to destroy any semblance of innocence in our children.

For proof, look no further than the ‘Sexy Summer Camp’ being put on in Kentucky by four women who have absolutely no business being allowed anywhere near children. Ever.

The camp is aimed at third through fifth graders and is led by these four women: Tanya Turner, Caitlin Cummings, Larah Helayne, and Kirstyn Ooten.

This all-star team of potential child abusers has organized the ‘Sexy Summer Camp’ (which is not some euphemism we’ve jumped on. They named it that), and they intend to provide small children with instruction on such paramount subjects as self-pleasure—for which there will be “some hands on [sic] practice”—gender diversity, BDSM, abortion, having sex “while using licit and illicit drugs,” “being a sex worker or hiring sex workers,” and so, so much more…

But wait, if you didn’t already feel like just reading this makes you want to go take a shower with a steel wool loofa, check out what Turner has to say about masturbation.

One Twitterite immediately picked up on something quite disturbing.

These women shouldn’t be anywhere near children. Honestly, there should probably be an investigation to ensure they haven’t already abused children, especially the ones who work with kids already.

But there are always going to be abusers out there. It’s part of every parents’ job to protect their children from these kinds of monsters. Any parent who would choose to send their children to this event should be immediately charged with neglect, abuse, etc. And if this camp actually happens, every person associated with it should go to prison.

How has our society become so sick, so diseased and perverted, that anyone could feel comfortable voicing this kind of depravity aloud and in relation to children no less!

Protect your children. The left will try their best to get to them however they can.

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