‘Hero or Villain?’ Rapper Drops Song With Important Questions All Conservatives Need to Ask About Elon Musk

Everyone has an opinion about Elon Musk buying Twitter. Some of them are positive. Others sound like they are expecting the world to end. And then there are those who had to put their thoughts to music. That’s what Bryson Gray did, and he has some questions for the new owner of Twitter.

Bryson Gray - Elon Musk (MUSIC VIDEO)

I don’t mind rap. I’m sure many of our readers can appreciate it when someone spits some solid bars. I find Gray’s position interesting because of his obvious skepticism. I appreciate a good skeptic. However, I also don’t see how Twitter can become any worse than it already is, so I’m not nearly as worried as Gray.

Conservatives are no strangers to Gray’s lyrical stylings, either. He’s been dropping tracks to explain his views for a number of years now. Like this MAGA anthem from 2020, and one of the “Let’s Go, Brandon” jams to reach the top of the charts last year. There’s no telling how far this new track will go.

It’s only the day after Musk put his money where his mouth was and bought Twitter. The firestorm of reactions from the left is sure to continue. I don’t see it stopping for a while, especially after Musk actually starts making changes. And while the right is generally pleased with this development, should we be skeptical? As skeptical as Gray?

I don’t mind it. I would rather the right be wary of this move than be taken in and screwed like we usually are. Social media hasn’t exactly been friendly to anyone to the right of AOC, but if Musk is a man of his word, he should be opening the free speech floodgates in the near future. Only time will tell.

Until then, sit back, relax, watch the heads of libs explode, and jam out to some Bryson Gray.

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