DeSantis Effect: Corporate PR Giant Advising Clients Not to Comment on Roe v. Wade

In 2021, when liberal special interest groups targeted companies in a misinformation campaign over Georgia's voting bill, companies caved. In 2022, when liberal special interest groups targeted companies in a misinformation campaign over Florida's Parental Choice bill, DeSantis showed businesses that there are consequences. Now, a corporate PR giant is advising clients NOT to comment on Roe v. Wade.

Zeno, reports the newsletter Popular, is advising its high-profile corporate clients to avoid commenting on the Roe v. Wade drama according to an internal document.

A lot of this stuff should be common sense for any company: do not take a stance you cannot reverse, Roe v. Wade is a textbook 50/50 issue, subjects that divide the country can sometimes be no-win situations, and do not assume that all of your employees, customers or investors share your view, and most importantly ignore media inquiries.

The thing is, while common sense to normal people, in recent years companies have let themselves get forced into speaking out on issues about which they have no real knowledge, only the misinformation they are being fed by the people demanding they speak out. Zeno as a company itself has spoken out on behalf of progressive causes.

I wonder what changed.

I doubt such a drastic change in strategy is confidential so soon after Disney f*cked around and found out. Just saying.

Response to Elon Musk buying Twitter MAY have a part in it, too. The same left-wing activist groups bullying companies into speaking out on Georgia and Florida's laws also attempt to demand companies boycott Twitter. Musk called them out by name.

Companies were quick to pander to one side until the other side started speaking up and pushing back. Funny how that happens.

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