'That is a real human being!': Man goes OFF outside Planned Parenthood with powerful pro-life message

There's a tendency on the left to say whatever is necessary in an attempt to shut up the opposition. This is especially true when it comes to the subject of abortion. "No uterus. No opinion," right? That's the leftist line. And there are no greater strongholds for abortion and this kind of ignorant thinking than deep blue cities like New York City. Which makes what this man did all the more impressive.

Impressive might not be the correct adjective to use... Admirable. Laudable. Commendable. Regardless of how you describe him, he's worthy of praise and emulation. (Props to Not the Bee for bringing attention to this man).

September 6, 2022youtu.be

"You escaped abortion! You know that? You wouldn't be able to stand here and run your little entitled mouth if you were aborted!"

Brother came in with a helluva rhetorical haymaker, and it's like McDonald's--I'm lovin' it!

"A woman could be walking across the street right now, and she's pregnant [...] She could be walking across the street pregnant, and if a man comes by in his car and kills that woman and her baby, you know what that judge is going to do? That judge is going to give that man two counts of homicide! Two counts of vehicular homicide! Not one: two! Why would that judge say that that man that hit that pregnant woman and killed her and her baby is guilty of two homicides? Why would he say that? The reason he would say that is because not only the woman carrying the baby is a real human being but the baby she's carrying is a real human being!"

There's absolutely nothing this man says that doesn't make perfect sense. Do the lefty idiots on the opposite side of the street really believe it's okay to kill babies? I hope not. Some of course do, and they're disgusting. But I don't doubt at least some of them are toeing the party line because they are afraid of getting canceled, losing friends, and jeopardizing their jobs just like my man here is saying. The justice system does, in fact, treat unborn children as children in homicide cases involving pregnant women. So, that begs the question as to why unborn babies are only considered people in that situation... but not when it comes to abortion... which is literally the murder of the baby...

I am willing to bet this man is a father after the way he talks about the mother playing with her baby in her stomach, too.

And his closing argument is THE closing argument, and it's irrefutable.

"You cannot claim to be BLM, you cannot claim that black lives matter, you cannot claim that racism is wrong, you cannot claim that any harm against human beings is wrong when you accept [Planned Parenthood]. You are a hypocrite. You are completely inconsistent. If you believe that the most vulnerable, the most innocent, the most defenseless people on the planet do not deserve to be protected, you are a complete clown!"

The left can't begin to argue their position when faced with these arguments, and the manner in which this man delivers them is amazing. The soul of this nation is going to come down to righteous men like this one, and it's going to take them going out in such unwelcoming leftist strongholds as New York City, standing face to face with hordes of blue-haired, baby-eating leftists.

Sir, thank you for setting an example.

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