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General Suspended From Army Program For Daring Criticize Jill Biden

Everything having to do with the military these days is silly. While enemies like China are focused on building up their militaries, the United States' armed forces have gone woke--concerned about white privilege and transgender sensitivity training. Even the academies have gone to sh*t.

And in another example of just how stupid the military has become, a retired three-star general has now been suspended from an army mentorship program because he tweeted criticism of the first lady.

To demonstrate how no one is safe from the woke, a lieutenant general (three stars) is the second-highest rank in the entire American military (without counting a five-star general because one hasn't existed in many years). Retired army LTG Gary Volesky is now under a commander's investigation, Fox reports, and has been removed from his position as a "Highly Qualified Expert - Senior Mentor."

What was his criticism of Jill Biden? Well, it wasn't that she was a f*cking moron, although most Americans would agree if he had said it. But what he said, in a since-deleted tweet, was, "Glad to see you finally know what a woman is," in response to this:

While I may be a little rusty where the Uniform Code of Military Justice is concerned--it's been nearly a decade since I last put on a uniform--but I'm pretty sure there's nothing there about a prohibition against saying things, even critical things, toward or about the first lady... In fact, a cursory review of Article 88 of the UCMJ doesn't say a damn thing about the first lady, so I'm a little unclear what he's being punished for aside from perhaps hurting Jill's feelings and the military leadership not liking that.

Of course, LTG Volesky isn't the first military leader who's been targeted by the left. Before him, it was Lieutenant Colonel Sean McBride, who was just a little too "old school" for the woke soldiers to handle. And before him, it was Lieutenant Colonel Scheller, who had the balls to speak up after the Afghanistan debacle.

The military no longer exists as a fighting force to protect America from her enemies. Rather, it exists as yet another mechanism for spreading radical leftism, and those who would reject the dogma are targeted.

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