Biden Health Secretary Defends Spending Government Money on Sex Reassignment Surgeries for Minors

The government spends money on some really stupid things. During the pandemic, people were handed checks to stay home. We just found out they’re paying to hand cell phones out to illegal immigrants. And while there are several negative consequences to these policies—inflation being only one of these—they aren’t exactly harmful in a physical sense, at least not directly.

But during questioning on April 6, 2022, before the House Budget Committee, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra told Representative Lauren Boebert he would defend the spending of taxpayer dollars to perform sex reassignment surgeries on minors!

Xavier Becerra Says He Will “Defend” Sex Reassignment Surgeries On

“I will do everything I can to defend any American, including children, whether or not they fit the categories you have mentioned or not, and if they talk about gender-affirming care, I am there to protect the rights of any American.”

How deranged does a government have to be to say, on the record, they are all for using taxpayer dollars to mangle the bodies of children like some sort of twisted Dr Moreau experiment?! This is absolutely insane!

There’s nothing caring about “affirming gender” via irreversible surgeries. Children don’t understand sex and gender any more than they do quantum physics at many of the ages the left says they are capable of deciding their gender, and that’s even if we grant that this is even a thing, and it isn’t!

Our government is on the record as being supportive of literal child abuse. Let’s say that one more time: the United States government is fine with chopping up physically healthy young children, and they’re okay with using taxpayer funds to do it. You’re going to pay to disfigure children. How exactly do you feel about that?

Xavier Becerra is a moron. He’s proven as muchtime and time again, but this is on another level. This is about as immoral as it gets, and it’s happening in America.

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