'Don't hire catholics': School official busted admitting how they indoctrinate kids, don't hire conservatives

Memo to school officials: We know what you do behind the scenes and what you think of people who hold opposing viewpoints. However, you'd be doing yourselves a favor by NOT being so cavalier about it aloud. Because it's one thing to assume you indoctrinate students and refuse to hire conservatives, but it's another thing in the case of Greenwich Connecticut Assistant Principal Jeremy Boland. And knowing how Project Veritas operates, Jeremy won't be the only public school official we need to explain this to.

As you review this video, ponder to yourself what the response is going to be: "I was taken out of context" or "We've placed him on paid leave pending a full investigation."

PART 1: Connecticut Public School Asst. Principal Admits Discrimination Against Catholic

It's not what Boland says. I know that you know that this is what happens behind the scenes. It's the cavalier, nonchalant way in which he says it, as if this is the standard way of doing things. And it is so accepted that there is no argument about the matter. "More progressive teachers are actually more savvy about delivering a Democratic message without really ever having to mention politics." So, you're admitting you hire teachers based on their politics and the politicos they are going to push on captive students.

I mean, really dude?

“The conservative teacher, who is stuck in her ways. I’ll never be able to fire her, and I’ll never be able to change her."

"If someone is raised hardcore Catholic, it’s like, they’re brainwashed--you can never change their mindset."

The only thing surprising to me is that a Connecticut public school would hire a teacher who practices any religion. Though, I am curious how they weed out the Catholics from the Protestants. You wouldn't think a New England public school board administrator would know the difference. Maybe he starts the interview by saying, "Peace be with you," to see who gives the Pavlovian response.

As we keep seeing in recent elections, education is the force driving voters to the polls. And that's just parents who assume public school administrators hate them. Having video evidence makes it difficult for schools to claim otherwise.

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