Progressive city crime is so bad, a cafe owner is forced to teach employees kung fu for their own protection

Crime is rampant in progressive cities throughout America. Decades of progressive voters electing progressive leaders to enact progressive policies have turned these cities into giant suckholes. Top of that list? San Francisco. Where crime has gotten so bad, a cafe owner is teaching employees kung fu to protect themselves from criminals.

In a lot of these cities, crime has gotten worse over the past two years due to Democrat-endorsed defunding of the police, where the rights of criminals are favored over the rights of non-criminals in the name of "equity." But experts have been comparing San Francisco to a world-class slum ever since 2018. At the Chinatown-located Jade Chocolates Teahouse and Café, owner Mindy Fong closes shop early on Mondays to teach her employees kung fu due to the increase in robberies. As one martial arts expert tells us, "If a man comes to attack you and you know Kung fu, you're going 'hi-ya' him, right?"

Fong was also worried about the anti-Asian hate in the area during SCHMOVID-19. For a time, hashtag StopAsianHate was a thing when liberals and the media (but I repeat myself) thought the hate was committed by Trump supporters upset over what was called the "China virus." Once liberals and the media (but again, repeating myself) realized most perpetrators weren't MAGA-loving Caucasians, they lost interest in the Asian hate.

Critics wonder why the shop isn't teaching employees something useful like jiujitsu. Scott McTaggert, executive chef of Jade Chocolates, has been practicing something called "wing tsun." It's a version of kung fu that focuses on self-defense. “I will do everything I can do to make our employees feel safer and more empowered, so they can live their lives without being afraid."

Everything except vote for leaders who will actually do something to make the city safe that is.

Welcome to San Francisco. Some store owners combat crime by threatening not to pay taxes (even though you know they're going to cave). Other store owners keep a bat handy to handle business. And a chocolate shop teaches kung fu.

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