'It's terrifying': Crowder skewers Kamala Harris for her party's actual fascism

Kamala Harris went on "Meet the Press" yesterday to talk with Chuck Todd. If you don't have the patience or stomach to listen to a dolt like Kamala Harris speak for nearly a half-hour, it's okay. It was painful, and that's time our research team will never get back, and it may have taken an entire year off their life expectancy, but that's the price we'll pay to ensure you're informed!

Well, Kamala Harris was on the television, attempting to string words together--which we all know is extremely difficult for her because her brain is rotting at nearly the same rate as her boss'--when with the help of Chucky Todd, she went on to double down on her boss' characterization of Republicans as "semi-fascists." Except, there's only one party in the United States presently acting in any way that could be accurately characterized as fascist, and it isn't Republicans...

Kamala Harris Says YOU'RE More Dangerous Than 9/11 Hijackers?! | Louder With Crowderyoutu.be

There's only one party with the desire to sick federal law enforcement on the people--to weaponize the FBI and DOJ against a former president and parents who happen to disagree with leftist teachers' unions. There's only one party pressuring credit card companies to enact fascism-by-proxy and track your second amendment-related purchases. There's only on party vowing to nuke the filibuster to get their way, to pack the courts if they stand in the way, to cram down on you everything they want.

The left enjoys redefining words, and fascism/fascist has taken a few licks ever since the Democratic Party's militant arm Antifa came onto the scene, but those words still mean something. There's only one party in the United States that can be accurately called fascist, and Kamala Harris works for the man at the head of it.

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