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Watch: Influencer brags the $35000 vagina 'she' bought is way better than that one you were born with

Non-binary and transwomen have a new target for their anger: women. Apparently, women who were born that way are no longer enamored by trans activists and influencers invading their safe spaces. And those trans influencers are fighting back by iusedtobeamansplaining girlhood to women and telling them to stifle it. That includes the cheap-ass vaginas they got for free by being "born." It's waaaay cooler to buy a vagina for tens of thousands of dollars.

The internet was a mistake.

People are really out here saying trans coochie is the inferior product?

No. What people are saying is...honestly, I don't have the strength.

We have the designer bougie coochie. Like, you're telling me if someone says "would you like these free paper bag that came with my groceries, or would you like this $35000 dollar bag," you're taking the designer Birkin.

Bougie coochie. That's a thing now.

You're just mad because trans girls don't want to put trash like you in our designer bags.

I'll give Pinky Transcadaro credit. If this video is to be believed, they chopped their winky off and are at least committing to the gimmick. Pinky isn't pretending and selling products for holes they don't have.

But I'm at a point where most TikTok videos need to be paired with this Andrew Schulz clip.

In China, the way that the algorithm works, it doesn't reward people doing stupid dances and playing with their dog. The algorithm is rewarding that they want to see their youth do. So, people doing cool engineering sh*t. People doing cool science sh*t. But if you're China and you wanted to disrupt another country, wouldn't you reward the dumbest possible sh*t on that app?

China gets science and engineering. America gets bougie coochie.

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