Man Responsible for Subway Poop Attack out of Jail, Gets Arrested and Released Again

A man attacked a woman on a New York subway by smearing feces in her face. He was quickly released from jail. That's when authorities arrested him in connection with another crime. The man is out of jail for that crime, too. WELCOME TO NEW YORRRRRRRRRRK!

Frank Abrokwa was walking on a subway platform one day with a bag of poop. I don't know why he had a bag of poop, other than... it's New York City. Abrokwa took that poop and smeared it in a woman's face. Turd assault is a more common crime than you would expect. They caught Abrokwa. He was arraigned and released.

That's when detectives spotted him as a suspect in a hate crime attack. Last September, Abrokwa was accused of spitting in a Jewish man's face and making anti-Semitic comments. Abrokwa found himself arrested for the second time in two days. He also found himself released for the second time in two days. Only, this time, he was given a "supervised release."

Some of you living out in real America might wonder how a man can get arrested for both a fecal attack and a hate crime over the course of 48-hours and be back out on the street. Again, I refer you to WELCOME TO NEW YORRRRRRRRRK!

Unclear in both attacks is if the victims voted for the progressive District Attorney and/or other progressive politicians whose radical leftist policies have led to an increase in NYC crime. Abrokwa was arrested twice and released twice in two days. I feel like that has to be a record somewhere.

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