We now present you a stirring rendition of illegal slime-wads recently bagged by ICE, an agency that's been busy lately (see YES! ICE Hiring THOUSANDS More Agents to Bust Up Sanctuary Cities and ICE Director: Illegal Immigrants ‘Should Not be Comfortable’ Here…). The most recent catch includes too many bad hombres guilty of sex crimes. Methinks the DNC won't be inviting them on stage in 2020.

Here's the scoop:

An Ecuadorian citizen who was illegally in the United States and had been convicted of rape was among 114 people arrested during an 11-day operation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in New York, the agency said Tuesday.

Of those arrested during the operation, 82 people had criminal histories, including prior convictions for sex crimes, drug offenses and fraud, while 15 others had pending criminal charges, including assault, larceny and sexual exploitation of a minor.

They don't sound like "gifts of love" to me. Where are the PSAs featuring these heathens?

Others taken into custody included a Jamaican citizen -- with a prior conviction for forcible touching, robbery in the 1st degree and acting in a manner to injure a child less than 17 -- and a Mexican citizen whose criminal record includes a 1st degree manslaughter conviction, authorities said.

“Of those arrested during this operation, nine were released from New York custody with an active detainer, which poses an increased risk to the officers and the community.”

Wait, we seem to be missing a few charlatans. Where are mattress-carrying feminists insisting the maximum punishment for the rapists? You know, because of rape culture. Where is Salon defending pedophilia and prostitution? Because "love is love." Where's Bill DeBlasio or Nancy Pelosi espousing the fabulous reasons America needs to keep these sweet angels, because "diversity is our strength"?

Uh huh.

Look, I'm getting blue in the fingertips over these illegal crap cronuts who keep sneaking across El Border of Los Estados Unidos. Bad hombres who sashay across the border, thus breaking the law, have a tendency to continue breaking the law once happily mooching off the government teet. Illegal immigrants are not made up of valedictorian saints just hoping to live a better life. Too many of them are criminal scumbags, who rape, murder, and destroy.

Donald Trump ran on the idea that "Mexico is sending its worst," and in many cases (like this one), he was right. So build the damn wall. Build it high. Build it wide. Do it already.