Hurricane Harvey
“America First” is a whole lot more than a slogan. All the red, white and blue, bald eagle merchandise and “made in America” bumper stickers don’t mean a thing if we won’t help our own when they need it most. “America first” means putting the needs of other Americans first. That means before our own. And right now, there are a whole lot of them. There are a ton of ways to give. You can give time, you can give money, you can give blood, you can open your home to those in need.

Here at Louder With Crowder, we can give our platform. We can use our content to harness the power of our viewers and members, to raise who-knows-how many dollars for the great people working to provide relief in southern Texas.

“Nationalism” is all the rage nowadays. Prove it. Help the nation when it needs it most.

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