Watch Candace Owens Skewer ‘Misogynist-Hating’ Hollywood Hypocrites…

You may have seen a post or two from us on Candace “Red Pill Black” Owens. Otherwise known as the verbal beatdown queen of YouTube (see YouTuber RedPillBLack Tells Hillary ‘What Happened’: Nobody Likes Feminism and ‘Red Pill Black’ Absolutely Destroys Pompous Liberal Celebrities Who Hate Trump…). There’s no greater joy than watching her dismantle leftist pea-brains, one piece at a time.

Her latest video up and, oh boy, is this one good:


wayne's world we're not worthy

What more is there really to say, guys? Candace already laid it all out and sent every Hollywood leftist sprinting toward the nearest burn unit.

Every awards season, viewers are forced to sit through leftist acceptance speech diatribes about morality, equal rights for the lady-persons, and whichever social cause is hot at the moment. At the same time, they’re actively covering for rape-crazy creeps who put Jabba the Hutt to shame. All that claptrap about social justice goes out the window when their paycheck is on the line.

As for Eminem and his hip-hopping amigos, they can’t produce a single track that doesn’t contain multiple lines about murdering people for looking at them wrong. Or keeping their “bitches and hoes” in check. But Trump’s the amoral jackass. Cute.

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