That’s right Louder with Crowder is growing, and we’re hiring again!

Scroll down to read the job description for a Powerhouse Video Editor/ Producer, Cinematographer/Videographer and a Production Assistant/Associate Producer and Talent Booker. Read before applying.


JOB: Powerhouse Video Editor / Producer

Yes, it is mandatory you are very well-versed in a majority of the following. We so appreciate your enthusiasm, but those who have just started working with these programs should spend ten thousand hours in these fields  before applying again.


  • Adobe Premiere Pro – Experience with multi-camera timelines and seamless creative edits (looking for someone who can sync cams faster than pluraleyes and edits using keyboard shortcuts)
  • Adobe Photoshop: Creating parody images for the daily show, green screen backgrounds, etc. Looking not just for someone adept at the program, but who uses it as a medium for great work
  • Adobe After Effects – experience with templates, VFX, and motion graphics compositions
  • Adobe Audition – know how to clean up audio and normalize to broadcast standards
  • Producing green screen shoots
  • Story-boarding
  • Have general studio knowledge: lighting, cameras, camera lenses, special effects etc.
  • Basic working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Suite

Everyone at Louder with Crowder wears multiple hats. Bonus points to anyone who has applicable skills which go above and beyond what’s listed here.



  • 3-5 years professional, full-time work experience. Please note this is not an entry-level job. We’re looking for an experienced, powerhouse editor. No interns at this time.
  • Can work in a fast-paced work environment (we’re not just saying that to sound important. We’re deadly serious).
  • Organized, detail-oriented – able to hit predetermined broadcast standards when exporting timelines
  • Flexible: people who have difficulty straying from routine need not apply. You need to “roll with the punches” and adapt quickly to the demands of the job
  • Adapts well to constant change/ improvement / accepts constructive criticism well (See note above)
  • Even-tempered, positive and enthusiastic
  • Reads and follows directions. Include the phrase “Here’s the thing” in the first paragraph of your cover letter. Points awarded for creativity.
  • Great sense of humor. If you have to Google this, uh oh.
  • Loyal, professional attitude
  • Self-starter
  • Not politically correct (duh)
  • Whiny, entitled snowflakes who are offended-easily need not apply!

JOB: Cinematographer / Videographer

Do you have an affinity for videography, working in the field, and making film quality productions?

We’re looking for an experienced cinematographer that can wear many hats and handle translating a producer’s vision to reality through the lens.

The position is Dallas-based and is available immediately. Moving expenses will be considered on an as-required basis. Salary is negotiable based on experience. Start the subject line of your application email with “Motion Picture 2/22/1732”.



  • Develop and pitch sketch ideas
  • Direct cinematography and lighting
  • Operate camera during taping of sketches
  • Color correct sketches to film standards
  • Translate sketch ideas to actionable tasks and help produce shoot.
  • Set up and match lighting to producer storyboards
  • Work with producers to prioritize and batch tapings
  • Test and maintain studio equipment
  • Create timelines for field shoots as needed
  • Maintain and organize field equipment (cameras, memory cards, GoPros, audio gear, etc.)



  • Must have a solid reel
  • Mastery of Adobe Suite especially Premiere and After Effects (Photoshop is a plus)
  • 3-5+ years in a film production environment, wearing multiple technical hats
  • Experience with setting camera angles and lighting.
  • Experience operating ENG cameras (Sony FS7, Canon C100)
  • Proficient working with green screen
  • Detail-oriented and extremely organized
  • Experience with a DMX lighting board
  • Experience with audio is a plus

JOB: Production Assistant / Associate Producer

We’re looking for a friendly, outgoing person who can help us take care of some day-to-day necessities, like running errands, booking travel, some light accounting work such as keeping track of receipts and submitting invoices, and other light office work which needs doing. Studio experience is preferred.



  • 1 to 3 years of experience in a video production environment
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Organized with great oral and written communication skills
  • Great problem-solver
  • Pro-active: can anticipate what needs to be done and takes action before being asked
  • Technical experience with video production, videography, video editing, Photoshop, setting up lighting, running audio, etc…
  • Experience with producing content for TV (broadcast background), organizing itineraries, researching facts, or booking guests
  • Responsible for the overall editorial content



  • You’re an apt researcher, able to find quotes, sound bytes, and information from reliable sources quickly
  • You know how to get in touch with important people and are able to talk them into coming on the show
  • You have experience organizing itineraries for important people and clearly communicating changes when necessary
  • No task is below you – we need helping hands that will take the trash out or dress like a tranny


JOB: Talent Booker

Louder with Crowder is seeking motivated and enthusiastic Talent Booker to book in-studio and remote guests for our daily programming produced in the DFW area. The ideal candidate must have prior booking/casting/political/entertainment industry experience. This position will report to the showrunner and production manager for instruction and guidance on the daily tasks required. Start the subject line of your application email with “Talented Tea is Me”.



  • Research and book timely guests to appear on different LWC show formats
  • Coordinate logistics for guest arrivals and wrangle guests to the set for their appearance
  • Establish and maintain relationships with media relations and public relations contacts in the industry
  • Attend shoots and other production events as needed
  • Client outreach in order to generate new business (client liaison and development)
  • Market research
  • Maintain guest database and scheduling system

We are looking for someone who wants to be a Full-Time Booker and wants to have the opportunity to grow within the company. Candidate must be extremely personable, highly organized, computer savvy with an interest in the entertainment industry. This is a fast-paced, creative environment, so the candidate should be able to maintain a calm, professional manner while multitasking. This person should have excellent telephone etiquette and an upbeat personality. We are looking for a reliable, self-motivated, dedicated and eager individual who is able to work long hours if needed and be committed to working as part of the agency team.


  • 5+ years of booking/segment producing political or entertainment-related content
  • Self-motivated and highly organized
  • Able to work independently within a dynamic, complex, collaborative environment
  • Candidates must have existing relationships with contacts in the industry
  • Great interpersonal and verbal and written communication skills
  • Willing and able to work under tight deadline pressures
  • Strong editorial judgment and a passion for current events and pop culture

** Apply only if you have relevant previous experience **

Salary: Based upon experience.

Job Type: Full-time



Willing to relocate to Dallas, Texas.


APPLICATION Requirements / Process:

  • Several interviews, either in person or via Skype
  • Must complete trial projects in tight turn around time
  • Must pass a thorough background check



If you qualify for either of the jobs above, email your resume, a brief cover letter (in PDF format) which includes three ways you can personally add value to Louder with Crowder to [email protected] Failure to include any of that in your email will result in the application’s denial.

The subject line of the email must include “Betty Loves Hopper 2019 Forever” or the application will be denied.

Please do not send resumes or applications which are not for the jobs listed above. Do not send photoshops, memes or sketch ideas to this address. This email address is only for the jobs outlined above. Help us with the hiring process by respecting the hiring process. Due to the sheer number of applications we receive, we cannot reach out to all applicants who apply.

Good luck!

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