You have questions, we have answers. For the love of all things soft and fluffy, do not email us or BlazeTV with these questions. If you do, something terrible will happen to your favorite hoodie. You know the one.

Contact BLAZE customer service directly for questions not answered here, or about your Mug Club subscription or mug itself. 

Can Steven come to my school for a “Change My Mind”?

We have a careful, rigorous process for choosing which college campuses Steven visits for Change My Mind events. While we so love everyone’s enthusiasm and desire to get Steven to their campus, we cannot accommodate student requests for college visits. There’s only one of him!

Can Steven wish me/friend/family member a Happy Birthday?

Firstly, if it’s your birthday, Happy Birthday! We’re so grateful to have you in our growing audience. However, due to the sheer number of requests for personal birthday shout-outs, we’re sadly going to have to decline personal birthday requests, as Steven would be making them all day, every day.

Where/when can I get my copy of the “Change My Mind” book?

The book isn’t published yet. Steven has just mentioned we’re working on a book, but has yet to announce a date for its publication and sale. When the book is ready for sale, we’ll be sure to update you! Please sign up for our mailing list to stay in the know.

How can I get in touch with Steven?

There are a few ways for you to personally reach out to Steven. One is through Twitter. Try to keep your tweet short and pithy as he’s inundated with tweets. The second way is to email through any number of our “secret” emails, which have been released during the daily show. But be aware, most emails get filtered through staff first. Again, keep it short and pithy. Novel length emails get deleted promptly.

When will I get my snazzy Louder with Crowder mug?

In 3-6 weeks after your order. I know, a long time in our world of instant gratification and two-day shipping. But since these mugs are hand-etched and painted in America, it takes some time. We beg for your patience. They’re in high demand.

BlazeTV will email you as soon as the mug is on its way.

Will the snazzy Louder with Crowder mug be available for purchase?

The mug is only available to members of the Mug Club. Fraternities haze people, we raise our special cup. If you want it, you gotta join the club. Sorry for the snobbery, but not sorry enough.

Are the mugs made in America?

The main material used is from China but the mug is etched and painted by Americans in America. That’s the beauty of trade. We are able to get consumers a better product at a more affordable price while retaining more of the SKILLED, HIGHER PAYING jobs here in the USA. 

I want to work for Louder with Crowder. How do I apply?

When a job is available we’ll make it known, and publish it on The Jobs Page (click the link). In the meantime, brush up on your comedy writing, video editing skills, and get thy Photoshop on. Be sure to check back here for job postings when they become available. Remember, enthusiasm is great, but skills are a must.

I have an idea for the show/website. Do you want it?

We’re always looking for fresh news scoops which might not be covered by the mainstream media. If you have an exclusive story which hasn’t been covered by the media, tweet one of our staff members. We’re not looking for skit ideas or how to run our show.

Who sings the opening song for Louder with Crowder?

Strange Animal” by Lawerence Gowan.

What artist creates those cool techno renditions for show bumps?

Our friend Nick Bertke aka “Pogo“. Go buy his work on iTunes. Then follow him on Twitter.

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