He testified on Thursday that Charlie has a 10 percent chance of improving with experimental treatment available in the U.S. The judge ruled he could meet with Charlie's doctor's to discuss his case.

We're talking about the health of a baby. Again, I urge everyone to read my typing fingers loud and clear: a judge is determining the fate of a baby. His parents, who have raised over 1 million pounds, want to take Charlie out of the UK (which has sentenced him to death) to the United States for treatment. Now a judge, a magnamious judge, who's "open-minded" will hear from a US doctor about Charlie.

This. Is. Sick.

Hirano will determine whether Charlie is eligible for treatment. The judge will rule afterward what the next steps should be.

The London hospital, revered as one of the world’s best children’s hospitals, has argued Charlie, who can neither see, nor hear, move, swallow or even breathe without the help of life support, should be removed from his ventilator and allowed to die with his dignity.

The hospital has said that "a world where only parents speak and decide for children and where children have no separate identity or rights and no court to hear and protect them is far from the world in which [Great Ormond Street Hospital ] treats its child patients."

Mr. and Mrs. Gard want to operate in a world in which strangers don't make decisions for their child, yet here we are. The quacks at the London hospital missed the "potential for improvement" part. Instead, they chose to focus on Charlie's incapabilities. Why? Because it's far cheaper to off little Charlie than try to save him. And since the government is funding the healthcare system, it's the government NOT the parents, who get to make medical decisions. If you're wondering why the left hasn't weighed in on Charlie's case or his behalf, wonder no more: the left wants government to decide who lives and who dies. Is there really any doubt?

Reality: universal healthcare gives an unholy amount of power to the government. The same people who run the post office, DMV, and who fail to balance a budget want to run your lives. The most private and intimate personal decisions have become the daily business of government bureaucrats, judges and lawyers. Progress.

Universal healthcare sucks. Ask Charlie Gard.