TWO epic videos for you and TWO amazing guests this week, folks!
First off, we have video from our Louder with Crowder interview where Dean Cain stops by to talk politics with Milo Yiannopoulous  … who totally geeks out like the crazy fan-boy he is. We also discuss #GamerGate and Cain’s support for Christians in light of recent SCOTUS decisions. As always, it’s a can’t miss video.
We also had the ever-loveable “Gay Jared,” who stopped by to share with us about his first visit to Detroit. Be sure to catch the entire episode!
And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… here’s our second video of the week: Caitlyn Jenner winning at the 1976 Olympics! Sure to inspire females everywhere, here’s the super-woman-esque Caitlyn beating a bunch of dudes (and a Russian), Crowder style:
JennerRedub Link
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