Happy weekend! With it comes another new episode of Louder with Crowder for you…
This week we have our very own Courtney to discuss the merit (or lack thereof) of both Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, James Delingpole on the “click baitery” of global warming, AND, the one and only Dave Rubin.
We may also have played Spot The Tranny. Because we can.
Catch our full interview with Rubin, where we talk Ben Affleck, gay marriage, Buddhism, the Supreme Court, and soooooo much more!
DaveRubin Link
Donald Trump and Ben Carson continued to dominate the news cycle this week. Trump for… well, for being Trump. Carson, for… lying about a scholarship offer to West Point?! Or, not. Turns out Politico totally screwed up on that story, and I’m proud to say we were one of the first sites to call them out for it. Carson didn’t lie, and no, his campaign won’t disappear because of it.
Also, here is the comic book version animated edition of the CNBC debate you’ve all been waiting for. Enjoy!
GOPDebateToon Link3
Last but not least, here’s the link to the full podcast! Tune in:
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